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1958 Corvette

This is the Story of "White Flash."

I purchased this 1958 Corvette when I was 18.  I drove it for about 20 years through 3 college degrees and one marriage.  I finished restoring "White Flash" in 1978.

"White Flash" has both a convertible and a hard top.  White Flash is currently powered by a balanced and blueprinted 327 producing over 400 HP.  A 4 speed closed ratio Muncie transmission, a 3:70 positraction rear end, the quick steering option, and the 1958 racing suspension are included.  I am currently rebuilding the original 283 engine.

Finally, White Flash and David needed to be Badly restored!

Since I rebuilt "White Flash", less than 9,000 miles have accumulated.  Less than 7,000 of this model were manufactured.

David next to the White Flash.