Business Management Systems

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Corporate Profile

BMS provides public and private organizations,  many "off the shelf" and custom computer applications.  Below are just a few of our service offerings.

  • Computer Network Design and System Analysis:  BMS, has both the knowledge base and ability to design everything from a simple peer-to-peer computer network to a complicated multi-server layout that provides VPN connections for multi-location communication.
  • Microsoft Windows Server Based Networks:  BMS is a Microsoft Partner.  This fact assures you that BMS will provide you with Windows based Operating System products and all of the necessary Windows Office products needed to efficiently run your growing organization.
  • Hardware and Software Sales plus Support:  BMS will provide your organization with off the shelf or custom designed servers plus state of the art, reliable workstations.  Our BMS branded systems all come with a one year or three year "on-site parts and labor warranty."  When you call BMS for service, we will respond!
  • Internet Applications and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs):  BMS is a professional organization that is small enough to provide your organization with custom internet applications such as VPNs between your home and office, yet large enough to provide you with a profitable e-commerce website.
  • Offsite Storage BMS:  Too many small-midsized organizations do not backup there data on a regular basis.  Often BMS is called to recover lost data.  BMS offers a very cost effective backup to our secure servers through a fast connection.  Your data is secure, encrypted, being backed up bi-weekly, at night.  The backup system is all hands-free fully automated.
  • Technical Disaster Recovery Planning:  Many small to medium sized organizations do not have contingency plans.  What happens to your companies operation in case of natural disaster or a fire?  If key people leave or are incapacitated, how do you continue your organization?  Allow BMS to analyze your company's operation and develop a Continuity Plan?
  • Accounting Software:  BMS supports single and multiple user applications of QuickBooks.

Contact BMS for an analysis of your organization's service and equipment needs!