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Tour the Mountains

Welcome to the beautiful and secluded mountains of North Carolina. 

We invite you on an arm-chair tour of our location and a quick tour of our mountains.  Here the Appalachian Mountains are rustic, the natives are kind, often a hearty mixture of Scottish and Irish stock.

Because of unbridled Capitalism, the area is rapidly losing its' beauty and charm.  Interlopers, especially "Floridiots", are building summer homes, McDonalds, Wally-Worlds, and all kinds of Crap.

God Help Us... the "Florons" are ever resettling here!

Locally, Boone, Blowing Rock and Banner Elk have all been lost to development.  So please, sit back  stay at home, and enjoy the tour, but STAY IN YOUR ARM-CHAIR with your potato chips!

Stay Away!   Don't Visit!  Don't Come!

Continue to enjoy your sorry ass city life; your traffic, smog Crime, racial hatred and suburban affairs.  Just .... send us poor hill folk a check at Christmas and keep the welfare a comin'!  We Appreciate It!

Below is our opening stop.  It is the 5518' view of Snake Mountain at dawn.

Snake Mountain

Below, we look out of the front window of the home/office from 3311' feet.  In the far right side of the picture Snake Mountain can be seen. Also visible are Rich(4990') and Long Hope(5130') Mountains.

The view from the solar heated home/office is 270 degrees and not another house to be seen!  Above you are observing about 1/2 the view.  There are 23 mountain tops in full view. . .

Above is the home/office of BMS, situated on 50+ acres.  An atmosphere of unencumbered creativity is encouraged.  You are invited to sit in the hot-tub, and have some wine and cheese.  Enjoy the stillness, serenity and view!

Above we have a beautiful shot from last winter. It was a wonderful time to make naked snow-angels and make a quick dive in the hot-tub

Here is our fearless (?) leader going out for the mail!

The mailbox is 1/2 mile away!